Friday, 28 March 2014

A Bit of Hair Inspo ♥

So ive reached that stage again...that stage where i am just so fed up of my hair. I can honestly say that ive never gone too wild when it comes to changing my hair. The furthest ive gone was an ombre i did myself which was actually pretty nice, but nothing compared to the amazing Khloe K's.I have been looking at photos everywhere of something that i might want to get done on my hair but i just cant decide!! Or do i just leave it the way it is?! ahh #girlprobs . I have always secretly wanted to try and go full on blonde but it would probably be a disaster haha so sad :( Ive considered going to get a balyage done again really similar to Khloes but its just so bloody expensive! Im also really afraid that ill just change my mind the next day! why do i have to be such an indecisive person....

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