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Saturday, 26 April 2014

The Tartan Skirt

Tartan Skirt-New Look
Shoes-River Island

Okay so I know my tan looks a bit dark lol but I was just out last night so thats my excuse! Im thinking of doing a favourite tan products if you guys wanna see?! 

Wednesday, 23 April 2014

Zara Spring Outfit Wishlist

Okay so we all know how much zara have been doing it in the clothes department lately...meaning I've spent almost everyday flicking through their app to see what new beaut pieces have come in. This outfit wishlist is me attempting to add a bit more colour into my wardrobe, especially this gorgeous lemon colour. I'll add the links to all there's amazing pieces later when I get the time to sit down at my laptop! 

Sunday, 20 April 2014

Happy Easter!

So I thought id just do a quick post about what I did on EasterSunday. This year I actually told all of my family that I didn't want ANY Easter eggs as then I didn't have to feel guilty about eating any lol. But yes I woke up to about 7 which I was not happy about because they're just wasted on me! But saying that I've shared almost 2 with my family haha but I don't know what to do with the rest. I spent the morning just doing some usual cleaning around my room as lately for some reason it's been looking like a dump(it's usually always spotless). Then in the afternoon I got ready to go out with my family for something to eat in a nearby town! We've never actually gone out for Easter dinner before but this year we thought we'd treat ourselves. I ended up having probably one of the most untraditional meals ever (as you can see in the pic) but it was worth it! I put up a quick post of my outfit on Instagram as I didn't have time to take proper outfit photos for the blog. I still need to stock up on a few bits for my wardrobe after selling a good bit on depop! You can check my Instagram out @freyaellenbroni and I hope you had a really good Easter guys! ❤️ 

Sunday, 13 April 2014

La Moda Wishlist ❤️


Safe to say it wasnt easy narrowing this list down as I basically want everythinggg on this website but definitely check them out at theyve got some amazing pieces!


•White Scuba Top-Missguided
•Black Joni Jeans-Topshop
•Black Heels-Penneys/Primark
•Clutch Bag-Penneys/Primark 
•Gold Earrings-River Island 

Friday, 11 April 2014

• Little Haul •

This is just a little haul of some stuff I picked up shopping yesterday as I was treating myself for what I sold on depop! (Link in sidebar) Below is all the items listed.

•Silver Necklace from Penneys-I told myself not to buy anymore jewellery cause I have wayy too much but look what was just so cheap and simple I couldn't resist! 
•Neon Pink Nails from Penneys-I seem to have run out of nail glue to do my own DIY acrylic nails so I thought I'd stick to good ol' Penneys stick on nails for the moment lol. These ones are a fab bright pink and will hopefully look great with a tan..putting them on tonight! 
•Gold IPhone case-As much as I absolutely love this case it's possibly one of the reasons why I dropped my iPhone on the tiles this morning and completely smashed it..but c'mon it's still an amazing case. 
•Midi Rings from Penneys-I love love love the look of having about 100 rings on my fingers I don't know why, so I couldn't not get these ones from Penneys for only €1.50! They are supposed to all be midi rings but the middle one seems way bigger than the other two for some reason but still fits my baby fingers just fine. 
•River Island White Leather Slip on Shoes-Okay so now for the thing I'm most excited about..I've seen a good few people wearing these on blogs and was surprised at how much I actually liked them(they remind me of what my mam wore on holidays when I was about 10) but these are just to die for in my opinion.  They are also probably one of the comfiest pair of shoes I have worn in my life! I picture wearing these with a pair of ripped black skinnies and a great tan mmmmm
•Jungle Print Crop top from River Island-I know that basically everyone and their mum has this top but it's just sooo nice. It really reminds me of the one from American Apparel but just brighter! They only had a 14 left and it's a tiny bit big under my arms but the girl said they're sold out on the website too..oh well! 

Saturday, 5 April 2014

Just for 5 Pounds?!?!

 * I love coming across new brands especially ones I know my followers will love! I was recently contacted by the brand Just For 5 Pounds to review some of their products which are all for £5! Their site features a range of dresses,tops,trousers and accessories including bags,belts and much more! I was sent these two bags which I have to say im very impressed with! They are really nice styles and came after only about 2 days! hard to believe that theyre only £5! Would definitely recommend checking out their sites and theyre products :) 

St.Tropez Instant Tan Review

When I saw these pretty little pink bottles in Penneys last week and realised they were from St.Tropez I just had to get one. Being a bit of a tanoholic myself I loovee finding new ones to try out. I had tried St.Tropez before but only a sample size of their gradual tan. I'm not a big fan of any gradual tans because I hate how you can't see where you're actually putting the tan on your body and I always woke up with streaks of tan all over me! In Penneys they had a light bottle and a dark bottle. I decided to go for the lighter one just so I could try it out! The thing that most impressed me about this is how brown it is! If you love tan as much as I do you'll know how orangey tans can turn out but this one looks way more natural in my opinion. I would definetly get the dark one now that I've tried this one just because I do like quite a dark colour. But if anyone's looking to try out a more high-end tan like St.Tropez without paying the high price (these were only €6/€7!!) and they're looking for something more brown than orange, I would definetly recommend this one!