Saturday, 5 April 2014

St.Tropez Instant Tan Review

When I saw these pretty little pink bottles in Penneys last week and realised they were from St.Tropez I just had to get one. Being a bit of a tanoholic myself I loovee finding new ones to try out. I had tried St.Tropez before but only a sample size of their gradual tan. I'm not a big fan of any gradual tans because I hate how you can't see where you're actually putting the tan on your body and I always woke up with streaks of tan all over me! In Penneys they had a light bottle and a dark bottle. I decided to go for the lighter one just so I could try it out! The thing that most impressed me about this is how brown it is! If you love tan as much as I do you'll know how orangey tans can turn out but this one looks way more natural in my opinion. I would definetly get the dark one now that I've tried this one just because I do like quite a dark colour. But if anyone's looking to try out a more high-end tan like St.Tropez without paying the high price (these were only €6/€7!!) and they're looking for something more brown than orange, I would definetly recommend this one! 

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