Saturday, 24 May 2014

Cocoa Brown Tan Review

Cocoa Brown were very lovely to send me these gorgeous new products for me to try! Anyone who knows me knows I'm wearing tan 99% of the time so this is like heaven for me lol. I had tried Cocoa Brown products before and I was recently just using their new Darker Formula '1 hour tan'. I was a really big fan of their products but like any tan it needs to come off eventually and we all know how hard that can be sometimes! Cocoa Brown first started stocking their 'Tough Stuff' in small packets which I actually bought to try and really liked it! But obviously the packet did not last me very long so I was delighted to see that they started selling them in these big bottles! Like their tans, this exfoliator (which is also pink omg) has a really nice fresh smell. I find it really helps to remove whatever tan I'm using but make sure to moisturise immediately after! 
I tried out 'Lovely Legs' this Monday on the day of my graduation when I wanted to top the tan on my legs up a little bit. My legs always seem to turn out lighter than everywhere else does anyone else have this problem?? Anyway, as soon as I put the instant tan on my legs it looked quite orange, but when I rubbed it in I realised it gave my legs a really nice glow and they were also super soft! This tan is instant so it comes off if you try to wash it off in the shower but it is also water resistant so you don't have to worry about it raining and dripping off your legs, us Irish girls know that too well. 
Lastly, 'Gentle Bronze' is probably what I was most excited about as I was looking for a tan to give me a natural glow in between my proper, dark tans. I used to use Dove's gradual tan almost every day but found that the smell just made me like a walking bowl of curry..EW. This has the amazing smell of all the other Cocoa Brown products and gives you a gorgeous tanned glow overnight! For best results I like to apply this before I go to bed and then when I wake up in the morning I can see that I have a nice colour and still have my shower! 

All in all for a tanning fanatic like moi, Cocoa Brown is definitely up there with my favs and these will be the only products I'll be using for a good while! All of Cocoa Browns products are also really affordable, with most priced at around €7. You can find their products stocked in Penneys nationwide but they are also stocked in places like Boots, Primark, Superdrug and many more which you can see here x 

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