Thursday, 1 May 2014

Review : Triangl Bikinis!

So I was very very fortunate to have recieved this beautiful bikini from Triangl Swimwear the other day! I had been lusting over photos of these on tumblr for over a year and wanted one so so bad I can't believe I finally have one! This is the Arizona Sunset bikini set and the colour is just to die for..all I need now is a tan! :( the delivery was surprisingly quick since it was coming from Australia and the quality of the bikini is just amazing. I think this is one of them pieces that will just last you forever! I would say to anyone thinking of purchasing one to consider going a size up from their usual as the sizes come quite small and there is hardly any stretch in them! Maybe this will motivate me to get a bikini bod then hmmm... 

1 comment on "Review : Triangl Bikinis!"
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