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Friday, 27 June 2014

Launch of new look Inglot Blanchardstown Store

So the other day i attended the launch of the new-look Inglot store in Blanchardstown.
The fabulous new store has a total of 10 make-up stations and even has a lash bar..sounds like my kinda place! There is also a lot more space for them to hold masterclasses and on the launch night they held one for us bloggers which was so fun to watch! Its amazing the few tips you can pick up just from one class! On the night, Inglot were also launching some new products including their new Freedom System Fragrances. These are basically a line of 5 floral fruity creamy perfumes which are fragrances with light, fresh notes that can be used separately or mixed to create your own unique fragrance composition! I tried out all the scents and the 'Golden Wood' was deffo my fave! so fresh and summery! 

There was also a masterclass showing how to achieve a gorgeous, sun-kissed makeup look with a brown smokey eye from one of model Victoria Bonya's collection of looks featuring Inglot products. The look was done by one of Inglot Blanchardstown's artists Melissa on the stunning Chloe. I really loved watching how to achieve this look because i usually go for brown smokey eyes cause i really think they compliment brown eyes. But after seeing the look with blue eyes i realized how much it makes blue eyes pop as well! 

While i was at the event i asked about finding a new foundation which suits my oily-type skin. I feel like especially since the weather is hotter my skin has been getting a lot more oily after a while of being out! :( i decided to try out their YCM foundation and will deffo let you guys know what i think of it soon! i had only bought a few products from Inglot before but after seeing some of their stuff used in this makeup look it really made me want to try out more of their products! i think my next purchase will have to be the gel eyeliner used in this look..bye bye liquid eyeliner! 

Products used in this look:

Face: AMC Foundation 24euro
Contour: Sculpting Powders
Cream Foundations 23/24/15 euro
AMC Powder 23/24/15 euro
Sparkle Dust 20 euro 

Eyeshadows: Freedom 326, 328, 409, 393

Lips: Lipliner 63 - 10euro
Lipstick 259 - 14 euro
Gloss 100 - 13euro

Wednesday, 25 June 2014

OOTD - New Shades

Not gonna lie it took me a while to finally get the confidence to buy a pair of white so used to wearing my black jeans that it felt really weird for me at first but i just needed a change in my outfits. Theyre obvs not as flattering as black jeans but theyre so fresh for summer. These pair i got were from Missguided and i love them but the only problem with them is that theyre a little too loose around the ankles so i have to tuck them under all the time! but i dont really mind that much...

These fabulous pink suede heels are from an equally amazing online shop called Im gonna be starting posts soon on new brands that i wanna let my followers know about and this shop will definitely be featured so stay tuned! 

Also, this beautiful statement necklace is one of my new jewellery faves. Its from a great new online jewellery store called Uner Boutique. Ill also be featuring this brand in a separate post soon so stay tuned for that as well!

  • Top - Topshop 
  • Jeans - Missguided 
  • Necklace - Uner Boutique
  • Shoes - Hidden
  • Bag - Lamoda

OOTD - Back to Black

If youve been following my blog for a while you might of noticed that ive been trying my very best to stop wearing so much black in my outfits, clearly didnt last very long! Oh well a full black outfit never hurt anyone did it? 

I found this beauty of a bag in the amazing summer sale in Parfois yesterday and im already obsessed. I saw it sitting on the shelf as soon as i walked in and knew i had to have it. Parfois is slowly becoming a favourite shop of mine (and my mams lol) for accessories. The first time i walked into one of their new shops i was really surprised by the amazing quality and prices of their sunglasses, bags and jewellery. So if you happen to be walking by one any time soon deffo check out their summer sale theyve got some beaut finds!

  • Hat - Missguided
  • Top - Topshop
  • Jeans - Topshop Joni Jeans (DIY)
  • Shoes - Missguided 
  • Hand Chain - Isles Jewellery

Sunday, 22 June 2014

Travel Diary • Trip to Kerry, Ireland

If you follow me on Instagram (@freyaellenbroni) you'll have probably seen me uploading pics every few hours of what I was up to during my week in Kerry, which is on the south-west coast of Ireland for those of you who don't know. Never in a million years were we expecting to be sitting on the beach getting a tan almost every day..especially in Ireland! I actually got burnt on my shoulders and legs which is a bit embarrassing..but I just didn't expect it to be so hot! We stayed in a lodge which was basically a small house in the grounds of the Parknasilla Hotel which is looking right onto the sea. Actually as I'm writing this post I'm sitting in the foyer of the hotel looking out into the Pacific Ocean and mountains..not the usual spot for your blog posts eh? Before we left I thought this little 'getaway' would in love loads of sitting around and relaxing so I brought a good few magazines and books in the hope that I would actually read something properly for once, but I actually didn't even get the time! Everyday we were doing different things and going different places, there's actually loads of things to do and loads of places to see here. I will admit it is quite touristy and seems a very popular spot for Americans but that makes it a bit different. Not gonna lie though, just as I'm about to leave for the car journey back home, I'm thinking about how excited I am to get home to all my own stuff and my own routine..makes me wonder if I'll ever properly enjoy just getting away from everyday life back at home hmmm! But anyway, I thought I'd share some pics that I took during the trip, most of these you can find on my Instagram as well if you wanna check them out..enjoy! x

Wednesday, 18 June 2014

Ootd • 16/06/14

You know when you have those amazing days when you just throw something on but somehow it looks good? Yep well this was one of them days..I literally had to pop out to the shops to pick up a few things before going away and even though it was absolutely scorching outside I chose to wear all black..what's new eh! For some reason this summer I've not wanted to wear very summery clothes like dresses, shorts etc even though it has actually been unusually hot. This AMAZING hat from Missguided also just came that morning and I'm so obsessed. It probably isn't the most summery hat ever but I don't care! It's just too fab!'s the outfit...
• Hat - Missguided
• Top - Zara
• Trousers - Penneys
• Shoes - Missguided 
Wednesday, 11 June 2014

Pretty in Pink - LaModa

So i had been a follower of 's instagram page for a good while now and i have to admit i was always crushing over how gorge their stuff was. They may be most well known for their AMAZING range of shoes but i would definitely recommend checking out their range of bags for some great bargains and a gorgeous selection! This is the one i got which is called Dominique in Fucshia which you can buy HERE. The great thing about the bags on LaModa is that they have such a huge selection of colours in all of the different style so you can choose exactly the one you want. For some very strange reason ive actually been really into colour in my outfits lately (no complaints)..especially pink! This bag is the most gorgeous bright pink colour i have ever laid eyes on, safe to say i am IN LOVE! Also, the bag came in a really cute lilac dust bag which i thought was a really nice touch and perfect for keeping your beautiful bag safe and sound when not in use! If you wanna check out any of LaModa's amazing items you can click HERE . I will for sure be bringing this beauty along with me when i go away next week..stay tuned for outfit posts featuring it v v soon! 
Monday, 2 June 2014

• All White •

I love this trend so's so fresh for summer. However you have to be super careful you don't spill your dinner on you or sit somewhere dodgy..but it's worth it! The all white outfit trend has been seen on runways, street styles and celebs all over the world, especially during spring/summer. I put this small outfit wishlist together of what I see as the perfecttt all white outfit! I'm really in need of a pair of high waisted white jeans..anyone got any recommendations of anywhere I could find a good pair for a good price? Need to step out of my black jeans comfort zone!!