Sunday, 22 June 2014

Travel Diary • Trip to Kerry, Ireland

If you follow me on Instagram (@freyaellenbroni) you'll have probably seen me uploading pics every few hours of what I was up to during my week in Kerry, which is on the south-west coast of Ireland for those of you who don't know. Never in a million years were we expecting to be sitting on the beach getting a tan almost every day..especially in Ireland! I actually got burnt on my shoulders and legs which is a bit embarrassing..but I just didn't expect it to be so hot! We stayed in a lodge which was basically a small house in the grounds of the Parknasilla Hotel which is looking right onto the sea. Actually as I'm writing this post I'm sitting in the foyer of the hotel looking out into the Pacific Ocean and mountains..not the usual spot for your blog posts eh? Before we left I thought this little 'getaway' would in love loads of sitting around and relaxing so I brought a good few magazines and books in the hope that I would actually read something properly for once, but I actually didn't even get the time! Everyday we were doing different things and going different places, there's actually loads of things to do and loads of places to see here. I will admit it is quite touristy and seems a very popular spot for Americans but that makes it a bit different. Not gonna lie though, just as I'm about to leave for the car journey back home, I'm thinking about how excited I am to get home to all my own stuff and my own routine..makes me wonder if I'll ever properly enjoy just getting away from everyday life back at home hmmm! But anyway, I thought I'd share some pics that I took during the trip, most of these you can find on my Instagram as well if you wanna check them out..enjoy! x

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