Friday, 4 July 2014

Ease My Mind

Uh oh..another one of them 'all black' outfit days! I completely forgot I had this American Apparel style bodysuit from Missguided and when I saw it in my wardrobe the other day I instantly rekindled my love for it! Of course I've got my new mom jeans on as they're my new LOVE! I'm actually just realising now that this entire outfit is from Missguided lol! I should have shares in that shop seriously! P.S excuse my's second day hair and I was not bothered to do anything with it! 

Also..I've moved my room around a tiny bit and I now have this space where I've taken my last two outfit post pics. It's actually really handy for taking pics when the weather is pretty shitty outside! Which is almost every other day in Ireland..

• Bodysuit - Missguided 
• Jeans - Missguided 
• Shoes - Missguided ( surprise, surprise! ) 
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