Wednesday, 9 July 2014

The Midi Rings

I have to say I love jewellery and I have so so much of it but most of the time when I'm going out I just wanna keep it simple. The two pieces of jewellery you'll see me wearing every day are my watch and a few dainty little rings. I love the look of loads of stacking simple rings it just looks so effortless but so pretty. Not gonna lie I also just really like how they look with my tattoo as well! 

The lovely people at MYU fashion sent me these gorgeous 3 rings the other day which is just what I wanted! I'm always looking to grow my collection of rings! They stock lots and lots of different styles of rings for £3 each so you can mix and match which ones you like best! Perfect! My favourite one would have to be the one with the tiny little white heart on cute! I actually found when I was out looking for rings like these that they were harder to find than I expected and when I did find them they came in packs of about 10 which is great but only if you wanna spend about €15 on them! Yes Topshop..I'm pointing at you..So if you're like me and love rings as much as I do if definitely recommend checking out MYU fashion for some great pieces at even better prices! They sell all of their stuff on depop @myufashion and they also stock some gorgeous clothing..I have my eye on some amazing pastel pieces hehe

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