Monday, 9 February 2015

My College Bag Essentials

1. The leather backpack - Believe it or not I picked up this bag only recently in Penneys for a tenner lol BARGAIN. Its such a good size, not too big but also not too slow as it even fits my macbook along with all this other stuff plus other random shit that ends up in there! I also think if you find yourself travelling a good bit to college or school its so much easier to have a backpack on you rather than a huge handbag so this one is perfect for that. You can also get it in a verryyy pretty white leather but I applaud anyone who could keep that clean while being in college haha!

2. The Make-up Bag - My best friend Melissa bought me this AMAZING make-up bag from Forever 21 this Christmas and I have to admit it is one of the best things I have ever owned. Along with it having that kind of 'Moshcino' vibe to it, it the perfect size make-up bag that it fits literally anything you want in it. Ive used it a good few times for staying in friends houses and Ive been able to fit my whole face of make-up in it perfectly. Something else thats amazing about it is that its the type of material that if it gets a bit grubby(it happens to all of us) you can just give it a quick wipe and it looks as good as new! 

3. The Macbook - I dont bring in my macbook every single day to college just because it is a bit of an unnecessary weight if I dont need it but this bag fits it absolutely perfect for the time I do have to bring it in. I should also say that I also bring in my camera to college for the days when I have photography classes but of course I had to use it for this blog post so I couldnt include it lol.

4. The Stationary - I have to admit Im not one for carrying around a whole pencil case full of different pens, pencils etc. I usually just carry around one or two pens and the occasional pencil with me even if it does mean some end up mysteriously disappearing on me...

5. The Notebook - Being a Creative Digital Media student means that having a notebook for scribbling down random thoughts, ideas and doodles can be pretty important. So having a decent enough notebook for this is necessary in my opinion.

6. The Purse - Pretty much the only things I use out of my purse for college is my bus card and my various loyalty cards for coffee and for nandos lol yes I am an addict of both of them. No shame. 

7. The Perfume - To me having some sort of perfume thats not too big in your bag is essential for those long days in college and travelling.

8. The Body Spray - For those people who ask me why I carry around perfume and a body spray with me to college, well..the answer is you can never smell nice enough, especially when its Victoria Secret. And that is the end of that. 

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