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Monday, 9 March 2015

How I edit my Instagram Photos

I get asked quite a lot on my Instagram (@freyaellenbroni) what apps I use and what I use to edit my photos. Im always looking out for new photography apps to try but to be honest these two are the my holy grails. Don't get me wrong the filters and editing features that come with Instagram are great, but I just like to have a wide choice of filters to choose from as sometimes I use a few different filters from different apps just for one photo. 

Afterlight is probably the best photography app available in my opinion. As far as I know its only available on IOS which is bit annoying, and its also not a free app which kinda sucks but it is sooooo worth the 1.50 I paid for it! The app comes with tons and tons of different filters that can be used to achieve any type of 'look' you want in your photos. It also has some really good basic editing features like contrast, brightness, exposure etc. There are some features and extra filters that you have to pay extra for but to be honest most people probably wouldn't use them. One feature I did choose to pay extra for was the frames. There are so many different frames like circles, hearts and even letters that you can use with your photos which is also really useful.

I do tend to change my favourite filters to use depending on actual photo or what im using it for. But I'll let you know about some of my favourites I use with Afterlight. Probably my favourite filter that I have been using constantly at the moment is one called 'Relic'. It gives this really nice naturally bright effect with also a bit of a blue undertone. It looks good in pretty much any type of lighting as well. Heres a list of another few of my faves in the app:

- Russ
- Elm
- Olive
- Hollow
- Grove
- Moon

You can download Afterlight from the App Store by clicking here.

Another one of my fave editing apps has to be VSCO cam. A lot of bloggers that I follow use this app and I just love the filters that come free with the app (there are also some filters you have to pay for). VSCO cam is also great to use for again just some basic photo editing. And Ive also found that the quality of your edited photos on VSCO cam is still amazing once you have saved it. As some of you may know, when you edit your photos using particular apps you can end up losing a lot of the photo quality in the process. 

I love all of the filters that come with VSCO cam and I actually use all of them regularly. But I will let you in on some of my absolute faves:
- P5
- M3
- F2

So there you have it! Just a little insight into what I use most for my Instagram photos. As always have a fabulous day my loves, mwah xo
Saturday, 7 March 2015

This Weeks Wishlist ft River Island

This weeks wishlist is featuring some fab pieces from River Island that are in store and online right now! As always all items are linked below my loves xo