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Thursday, 9 April 2015

Inglot Blogger Event - 08/04/15


On Wednesday the 8th of April I popped into the Blogger Event in Inglot on South Anne Street, Dublin with one of my close friends Zoe. There was a quick demonstration on a simple contouring look which looked absolutely amazinngggg and after we got to have a nice snoop around the store and all of the makeup...I mean what more could you want. After spending about an hour being the indecisive person that I am and trying to choose what I wanted to pick up (there was too much choice okay lol) I ended up just picking up a lip liner which I have actually already bought 3 times cause I loved it so much.

The shade of the lip liner is '63' and it is a gorgeous mauve/nude colour which is perfect for everyday wear in my opinion. The shade reminds me a bit of one of my all time fave lip liners which is 'Spice' from MAC, except this one is a bit more pink toned. I dont know if anyone else has noticed how much lip liners that you can pare last sooo much longer than ones that you just twist up? And yes Im sure theres a proper term for that lol. Let me know if anyone else thinks this or I could just be imagining things! But anyway thats the main reason why I opted for one of these pencils over a few other shades I was thinking of getting. Alsooo you can pick this lip liner up for only €12 which I think is an absolute BARGAIN yay!

Brighter Days - OOTD

Okay so I know its been wayyyy too long since Ive posted an outfit post, but in all honestly lately Ive been feeling a little uninspired with my outfits. I think I am in need of a good shopping trip soon. Yes. But anyways, since the weather has been looking a lot better lately (yay!) it means I can whip out more of the summer clothes out of my wardrobe, so lots more outfit posts are to come! 

Also, if you spot any odd looking marks on my hands in these photos, me and my girl Zoe ( ) had just been to a fab blogger event in Inglot on South Anne Street! So of course I got a bit excited about all the makeup that was surrounding me and just had to swatch it all on my hands lol. Also I will have a blog post about the event up in the next few days! 

And finally...onto the outfit details!

Hat - Missguided
Top - Zara
Jeans - Forever 21
Jacket - Forever 21
Shoes - River Island

All these photos were taken by my fellow blogger girlie Zoe and you can check out her amazing blog by clicking here!