Sunday, 26 July 2015

New in ➳ Makeup

So I'm back! And I thought a good way to get back into my blog would
 be to start with a make-up post. So here's a few bits from Essence
 and a lip liner from Mac I picked up recently. Also the make-up bag is from Penneys if anyone is wondering ♡

It's been quite a while since I picked up a Mac lip liner and I wanted to step a bit out of my love for nude colours this time. So I decided to pick up Heroine lip liner which is a bright fuchsia pink. So far I have only worn it once or twice (oops), but I think I need to just push myself out of my comfort zone and experiment with it more! 

Powder is one of my absolute essentials in my everyday makeup routine..curse you oily skin. So I am always on the hunt for the perfect powder to make my skin looking nice and matte all day long. I thought the shade of this Essence powder looked really interesting and the mix of the lighter and darker tone powder gives a really natural look in my opinion. I've been using it almost everyday since I've bought it and I have to say I would for sureee recommend girls.

More lip liners YAYYYYY! Cause a makeup addict can never have enough right? Picked up this gorgeous purple-taupe colour and also this bright red, which is just a lil too bright for my liking but its nice to mix with other darker red tones. These lip liners really are long lasting and they are fabulously pigmented also.

Girls if you happen to come across this concealer..GRAB IT! It really reminds me of the Mac Studio Finish concealer but literally a half of the price. I also love it comes with a lighter shade as well which I like to use underneath my eyes. You also don't need to use a lot of the product to cover up those imperfections so it lasts you super long also.

I'll admit I've never really been a big fan of lipgloss. Wearing lipgloss on a windy day for example and getting all your hair stuck in your lips is not my idea of a pretty sight. But I saw this nude lipgloss from Essence and I've been transformed. Not to say that I've been wearing it everyday, my lip liners are still my one true loves. But I'm liking throwing it on over one of my brown lip liners on a night out to add a bit more oomph to my makeup. 

Essence makeup is available to buy in most Penneys stores and selected Pharmacies around Ireland. You are also able to buy their products straight from their website ❤️

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