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Thursday, 10 September 2015

Bloggers you must follow on Snapchat

I thought this would be a fun lil blog post to let you know about my fave bloggers who I follow on snapchat. Im so obsessed with creeping on these five gals lives and what they get up to. My fave parts are when they show what they got as blogger mail...the jealousy is real.

@themakeupfairy aka Joanne Larby

If your'e looking to get some fitspiration this is the gal to follow. Joanne has the body of a goddess and her motivation to eat healthy and work out is amazing. She is also absolutely stunning and just such a real girl. Her gym pics always make me feel super guilty for being a couch potato lol.

@facesbygrace23 aka Grace Mongey

I think its safe to say that I am obsessed with watching Grace's snapchats. I get so excited when she puts up like a 300 second story. She is such a down to earth girl and someone I can definitely relate to. Her weight loss story is amazing and I find her attitude to life so inspiring. 

@beth-norton aka Beth Norton

Ive been following Beth on Instagram for super super long now and Ive always been so obsessed with her style of photos. Her style is so classy and unique. I absolutely love watching her snapchats of what she got sent in the mail and she always makes me crave coffee with her pics of being in Costa lol.

@retroflame1 aka Erika Fox

Erika is an Irish gal who is currently living it up in New York City. Her photos literally look like they were taken out of an episode of Gossip Girl. I love seeing what she gets up to in her busy life in the big apple. 

@sarah_ashcroft aka Sarah Ashcroft

Ive been following Sarah since she only had about one or two thousand followers on Instagram. I love looking at her blog and Instagram for inspiration. Follow her snapchat if you wanna see behind the scenes of photoshoots in London and if you love having a creep on what blogger mail people get (I do). 

Saturday, 5 September 2015

- My Everyday Face -

So after a few weeks of misplacing my camera battery charger I finally recovered it and got the chance to take some blog photos! i thought I'd upload something a little different than an outfit post and show you guys the products I use for my everyday makeup! I'm not too fussy with using all high end brands for my makeup because I really think there's so many amazing products out there that are just as good and a fraction of the price. So let's get into it!

The Face

1. Inglot Makeup Fixer (link here)
I was never really interested in setting sprays for my makeup before I tried this one from Inglot. I basically spray it over my face once or twice after Ive done all my makeup and it gives it a nice fresh look. I also pop it into my bag and use it throughout the day if I know that Im going to be out and about for the entire day but still want that freshly applied makeup look. 

2. Penneys Brand Concealer
I love these little concealer sticks from Penneys makeup brand. They're so so cheap and they actually give really good coverage. They come in 3 different shades of Light, Medium and Dark. I use the medium shade for blemishes under my makeup and I use the light shade under my eyes after my makeup to contour and highlight with. 

3. Loreal Inflallible 24 hour Matte foundation 
This has to be my absolute favourite drugstore foundation, as recommended by my fabulous best friend. I have quite oily skin and I've always struggled to find matte foundations that actually work and stay matte for almost all of the day. I wear this to one work everyday and I my job can involve a lot of walking and sweating(as disgusting as it sounds but it's true when it's very busy lol) and this foundation still stays matte on my face. It also has quite a full coverage which I'm a big fan of to get that flawless skin look. 

4. Catrice Prime and Fine skin primer 
I use this primer just before I start applying my concealer and foundation etc. It gives my skin a good surface to be applied to and I find it makes my makeup last a lot longer throughout the day. 

The face - Part II 

1.  Catrice All Matte plus 
As I said before when I was talking about the Loreal foundation, it pretty much keeps my skin looking matte throughout the entire day, but this powder is cheap and handy to just top it up every now and then. 

2. Nars Matte Multiple stick 
This Nars stick can be used for multiple things but what I tend to use it for is for contouring. I still can't decide whether I prefer powder contouring or cream contouring, but I really like this Nars stick to add a nice bronzed look to my face. 

3. Clarins Beauty Flash Balm
This balm is so great for applying on your skin before any of your makeup, even your primer. It's basically used to give your skin a nice fresh glow. It also smells amazing YAY. 

4. Penneys Beautiful Bronze Glow Stick
If you want something to do some quick and easy highlighting this is for you. Just apply the stick over any areas you want to highlight and blend it in. This glow stick comes in two different shades, one being more pink and one being more bronze. I use the bronze shaded one as I think it matches the rest of my makeup and my skin tone more.  

5. Inglot Contour Powders 
As you can probably tell from the pics I use these two powder contours A LOT. I have two different shades, one a warmer shade and one a cooler shade. For contouring I really like to use both warm and cool toned products cause I think it leaves a way more natural look. These two colours are just magnetically attached to this palette which means you can choose and two shades you want from Inglot and pop them in this really nicely sized palette! 

The Eyebrows
(Aka the most important part according to moi) 

1. Rimmel Eyebrow Pencil in Black Brown
People are constantly asking me what I use on my eyebrows and sometimes they don't believe me when I tell them it's pretty much just an eyebrow pencil. I have tried using powders and gels before and I just find that I like the look of pencils more. Bear in mind that I do pretty much draw my eyebrows on and I am so used to drawing on the shape I want because I do it every single day. So if you are the type of person who would much rather follow their natural eyebrow shape and has not a lot of experience 'drawing' eyebrows on I wouldn't really recommend using a pencil. But for me, this works perfectly and I can't see myself steering away from this product anytime soon. 

2. Catrice Kohl Pencil in White
Another product that pretty much makes my eyebrows what they are is using this white kohl pencil. I use this pencil after I've used my Rimmel Eyebrow pencil all around the shape I have drawn on and use a small concealer brush to blend it in. This pretty much helps clean up my eyebrows and it really gives them that HD look. I wouldn't necessarily recommend using a pencil to clean up your eyebrows if you have skin though as it might not work as well. Instead I would recommend using a really light shaded concealer. 

The lips 

I absolutely love lip liners and they work for me so much more than lipsticks. Don't get me wrong sometimes I do use certain lipsticks especially along with lip liners but I just much prefer that matte look on my lips and I feel like lip liners just really give me that. Plus they last longer than lipsticks I think! I'm not going to bore you about all of my favourite lip liners but you can see here which are my faves and I'll leave the shades down below if you're interested! 

1. New Look lip liner in Nude
  2. Collection lip liner in Cappacino 
3. MAC lip liner in Burgundy
4. Rimmel lip liner in Cappacino 
5. MAC lip liner in Heroine

Thanks so much for reading guys hope I answered some of my most asked questions about my makeup! I'd love to hear some of your favourite products you love to use every day below! Lots of love x