Thursday, 10 September 2015

Bloggers you must follow on Snapchat

I thought this would be a fun lil blog post to let you know about my fave bloggers who I follow on snapchat. Im so obsessed with creeping on these five gals lives and what they get up to. My fave parts are when they show what they got as blogger mail...the jealousy is real.

@themakeupfairy aka Joanne Larby

If your'e looking to get some fitspiration this is the gal to follow. Joanne has the body of a goddess and her motivation to eat healthy and work out is amazing. She is also absolutely stunning and just such a real girl. Her gym pics always make me feel super guilty for being a couch potato lol.

@facesbygrace23 aka Grace Mongey

I think its safe to say that I am obsessed with watching Grace's snapchats. I get so excited when she puts up like a 300 second story. She is such a down to earth girl and someone I can definitely relate to. Her weight loss story is amazing and I find her attitude to life so inspiring. 

@beth-norton aka Beth Norton

Ive been following Beth on Instagram for super super long now and Ive always been so obsessed with her style of photos. Her style is so classy and unique. I absolutely love watching her snapchats of what she got sent in the mail and she always makes me crave coffee with her pics of being in Costa lol.

@retroflame1 aka Erika Fox

Erika is an Irish gal who is currently living it up in New York City. Her photos literally look like they were taken out of an episode of Gossip Girl. I love seeing what she gets up to in her busy life in the big apple. 

@sarah_ashcroft aka Sarah Ashcroft

Ive been following Sarah since she only had about one or two thousand followers on Instagram. I love looking at her blog and Instagram for inspiration. Follow her snapchat if you wanna see behind the scenes of photoshoots in London and if you love having a creep on what blogger mail people get (I do). 

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