Thursday, 5 November 2015

My New and Improved Site!

So it occurred to me lately that a blog or two I came across started looking coincidently a lot like mine...not naming names haha! So I decided it would be a good time to stay on top of my game and give mine a bit of a makeover. Ive still kept the kind of 'minimal' element to it cause thats how I love my blog to look. But one of the biggest differences in my new design is that its super easy to navigate on more devices! This is actually really important in having a site because most bloggers will agree with me that most of their traffic comes from viewers on mobile phones. 

Ive also added some more fun and interesting links to my blog like a "Shop my Style" and "Favourite Products" sections. I am still working hard to make these pages look their absolute best cause I really want my blog to just represent me in every way and for all of my viewers to enjoy it.

Which blogs are your guys favourite to have a snoop around? x
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