Friday, 29 January 2016

50 Facts About Me


Hey dolls! I thought I'd finally get around to doing a "50 Facts About Me" post. So hopefully you guys can get to know me that little bit more! I know a lot of people use the "official" 50 facts about me questions but I decided it would be more interesting to just make up my own points. And I actually found it hard to come up with 50 facts so apologise for any of them being quite random! 

1. I am 20 years old
2. I live in Dublin, Ireland.
3. When most people see me first and hear my name they automatically think that I'm not from Ireland lol but in fact I am completely Irish. Apart from a few distant relations from Lithuania down my family tree. 
4. I am a Pisces. 
5. I studied Digital Media for a year before making the difficult decision to leave and take a year out to work and then persue my career in fashion. 
6. I am currently working in an airport.
7. I am in a long distance relationship and have been for a year now.
8. I tend to find it quite hard to open up to people and I only have a very very small amount of people who I do open up to. 
9. I've always been very independent and I don't really like people telling me what to do lol. I think it's supposed to be a Pisces trait! 
10. When I was in school I used to draw every single day and I actually got quite good at it before life got too busy and I haven't properly drawn in a long time. 
11. I started my very first blog almost 3 years ago and it was the most horrific thing on earth LOL. 
12. I don't like going on nights out because I would much much rather stay in and order food and watch a movie. 
13. I love getting ready and doing my makeup it's my favourite thing everrrr.
14. I am currently writing this blog post whist on the bus to work lol. 
15. I am very particular with how my room looks and I have a place for everything and everything stays in its place. So I always know straight away when someone's been in my room! 
16. When I was younger I was sure I was going to be a fashion designer. 
17. I am the worst person ever at saving. 
18. I am also the biggest procrastinator you will ever meet. 
19. I only have one tattoo and it's a small heart on one of my fingers on my right hand and I love it. It's a matching tattoo with my best friend too. 
20. I cannot live without long nails and having my nails done. Cannot. 
21. I also cannot live without my fake tan.
22. I'd much rather have a packet of crisps than some chocolate. 
23. I'm addicted to green tea and I probably drink about 4 or 5 cups a day.
24. When I was younger I thought I was for sure going to be a fashion deigner. Before I got older and realised I was more interested in the fashion PR and styling side. 
25. I wish I read books a lot more but I can just never find the time and they make me fall asleep straight away! 
26. I literally could not leave the house without my eyebrows done. 
27. The Kardashians are my guilty pleasure. 
28. Once I get into a tv show I get completely obsessed with it. 
29. I absolutely love watching films and I can watch some of my favourite films over and over and over again. 
30. I have watched all of the Harry Potter movies over a hundred times each. I don't care how stupid it sounds but those films mean a lot to mean as I used to watch them through some tough times. 
31. I wouldn't call myself a secretive person but I keep a hell of a lot of things to myself. 
32. I went to an all girls secondary school. 
33. When I was about 16 I went through quite a bad year at school and that year completely changed me.
34. I used to be very quiet and shy and now I feel like I've become a much more confident person.
35. I either sleep way too much or not at all. 
36. I cannot imagine my life and my future career without creativity. 
37. I am a strong strong strong believer in everything happens for a reason. Seriously. 
38. I love dogs and I can't really imagine my life without having one now. 
39. I have always wanted to one day have a full head of blonde hair and it will happen some day.
40. I used to have a really bad habit of biting my nails and now I only do it when I'm anxious or worried about something.
41. I really enjoy decorating rooms and interior design. 
42. Going to Ikea is my idea of heaven lol.
43. I have an online shopping addiction. I actually hardly ever buy anything in the shops anymore cause I just order everything online.
44. Nothing...and I mean nothing...annoys me more than rude people.
45. I'm quite an emotional person although most people wouldn't probably think so. I tend to keep a lot of emotions to myself.
46. I am extremely indecisive and it's probably what I get most annoyed at myself for. 
47. I love talking to people who have really amazing, interesting stories. 
48. I would love to always be inspired, I try as much as I can but to be inspired all the time would be absolutely amazing. Sometimes all we need is a little bit of inspiration. 
49. I have way way WAY too many black clothes but oh well.
50. It is currently 3 in the morning as I am finishing this blog post. 


And I hope you enjoyed and learned a few things about me! 

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