Friday, 19 August 2016

Growing my Youtube Channel

Hey lovelies! I know its been a while since Ive posted on here so I wanted to give a bit of an explanation. Over the past 2 months ago I have been trying to grow my own Youtube channel as part of my blog. Ive been watching bloggers on youtube for probably 7 years now and Ive always wanted to have a channel of my own but never had the confidence to get into it. Since Ive started blogging my confidence in what a love to do has grown a huge amount and I really don't tend to care what anyone thinks about what I do anymore. If you love doing something then why should you care what anyone else thinks?
So about 2 months ago I finally plucked up the courage to sit myself down in front of my camera for the first time and record a video. I found it extremely weird talking to a camera at first and I kind of still do but Im getting used to it. 
As Ive been recording and editing more and more videos for my channel its made me realise how much I enjoy doing it. This is the main reason for my slacking on my blog over the past few months. To be honest, I don't really think of myself as that good of a writer, and writing is a huge part of having a website/blog. Of course I absolutely adore taking photos and thats what I love the most about having a blog, I think thats why I enjoy Instagram so much. 
So Ive come to realise that maybe Im better in the more visual area of blogging rather than the writing. This is another reason for the lack of posts on my blog.
Ive been so shocked at the amazing response Ive gotten from my Youtube videos, especially with one of my most recent haul videos reaching over 3K views!! I have absolutely loved reading all your comments and your feedback means a lot to me. 
This isn't to say I am going to stop posting here on my blog but just to say that I think I will be focusing a lot more on growing my youtube channel a lot more from now on. If you want to check out my Youtube channel I'll leave the link HERE.

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