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Monday, 4 December 2017

December Missguided Wishlist

Well gals, tis' the season to be SHOPPING and I am definitely not helping your bank account (soz) by putting together my lust list for Missguided atm. I wont lie I will probably end up buying most of these things over the next few weeks but I have a feeling a lot of them will sell out asap so be quick!! 

Click any of the photos below to shop the item you want <3 enjoy="" font="" loves="" my="">

Friday, 1 December 2017

Wanna Wear What's in my Wardrobe?

Spotted something on my instagram and wanted to know where to find it? Well today is your lucky day..
Ive created this post including some of my most popular pieces Ive featured on my instagram lately YAY!
There is direct links to everything below so happy shopping bby gals!

Wednesday, 22 November 2017


Hey babes! 

It’s been a while but with all the talk about Black Friday and all the amazing offers on board I thought it would be easiest to give you guys some of the best deals I’ve found out there so you can grab yourselves some fab bits for a fab price! This year the focus doesn’t seem to be on the actual day of Black Friday but the days before it which is amazing....this means there will basically be offers on everywhere all week long YAY! So without anymore rambling let’s get into some of the amazing offers on board...


So we all know I am a massiveeee fan of missguided and this year they have 50% off EVERYTHING FOR 4 DAYS!!! Yes you heard right, you can’t really get much better than this tbh! The code to use is CYBER50 so get your bits gals! Ive also linked some items I’ve been featuring on my Instagram lately...CLICK HERE TO SHOP! 


We all love some Pretty Little Thing and they have been absolutely killing the game lately so now is the time to pick up some pieces you’ve got your eyes on! They currently have 30% off until midnight so be quick! Although they probably will have the same offer on again some other time this week :) CLICK HERE TO SHOP!


Boohoo are always great for having offers on and this year so far they have not disappointed! They currently have 70% off lots of stuff across the site. CLICK HERE TO SHOP!


I have been lusting over sooo many gorge things in Topshop lately and they are currently having an unreal sale with up to 50% off click the LINK HERE TO SHOP! 


Nasty Gal is one of my fave places to shop for bargains atm but they currently have 50% off EVERYTHING WOOHOO! Click the LINK HERE TO SHOP!


Feeling like you wanna have a bit of a splurge? Well Brown Thomas are having 20% almost everything in store and online HOLLA! CLICK LINK TO SHOP!


Yes our dreams have come true...there is 30% OFF EVERYTHING ON BEAUTY BAY but there website is currently going a bit crazy so you may have to wait in a queue! But its worth it for the makeup though right?! CLICK LINK TO SHOP!

Thursday, 31 August 2017

Girls Support Girls. Ft MissyEmpire

WADDUP BBY GALS! I'm back with another outfit post FINALLYYYY in collaboration with my faves at MissyEmpire! Im obsessed with adding more colour to my outfits at the moment and one of my faveee colours is pink. So obviously I had to get outfit photos at one of my fave doors in Dublin haha! 

In this blog post I wanted to briefly talk about surrounding yourself with supportive gal pals in your life. I feel that recently, especially on social media and with branding, there has been a lot more focus on feminism and girl power. It makes me really happy to see and hopefully it leads us in a really positive direction in society. 

Recently I have, myself, tried to make more of an effort to support women in my everyday life. Even if it means just giving a girl a really nice compliment on her outfit or her hair it can make such a difference to that persons day. Or even just leaving a small comment on someone's photo telling them how FIREEE they look lol! It all makes such a difference...and excuse my french but it really says fuck the haters. Because we all know (especially us gals who are heavily involved on social media) that there is soooooo much unnecessary hate on the internet. While it always just blows over my head because Ive grown quite thick skin over the past few years, not everyone is like that and one tiny tiny stupid hate comment can literally ruin someone. 

I also feel like at the moment I am seeing so much more gal support in the blogging industry which makes me soooo happy and so frickin proud! I am fully aware that I am super super lucky to have some of the most amazing friends that I have made just from blogging (you gals know who you are #slayyy) ,  and I am constantly making new friends and meeting new people in the industry who continue to inspire me everyday. 

Soooo moral of the story #GIRLPOWER is real and its so important for us gals to support gals. Because lets be honest...were all pretty amazing <3 font="" lol="" nbsp="">

Love you guys! Outfit details + links below!
Thank you for reading x 

* Items shown in this post were sent to myself by MissyEmpire for the purpose of my blog. As always, all opinions are 100% my own. *

P.S if you're looking for a gorge and super instagrammable place for lil bites to eat, a coffee during the day or gorge cocktails be sure to try out Urchin on Stephen's Green (Just beside the Shelbourne Hotel). Me and miss Emma Noodle are literally obsessed with the place and the staff are always soooo lovely to us! Be sure to check them out on insta ) too to see just how gorge it is <3 font="">

Monday, 10 April 2017

Everything Works Out in the End.

Hey guys! So I know its been wayyyyyyy too long since I've done a proper outfit post on my blog and I want to get back into it asap. I also wanted to take this opportunity to talk a lil bit about life and have some real talk. Ive always been a believer in things working out in the end but in the past few months it really has been proven to me that they do. 

The past few months have been kind of difficult for me because I was going through some relationship sh*t which made me feel so confused and all over the place. Sometimes it can be so hard to know what the right thing to do is and Ive learned that its so important to go with your gut feeling and not to be afraid to make changes for you and your life. Good things come to you when you least expect them and Im so happy I stuck to how I felt because everything has worked out 100 times better now! 

Sorry for the lil rant but its nice to be able to get my thoughts and opinions out now and then and I love how my blog allows me to do that. Thank you guys for your constant support with everything and I hope you enjoyed this blog post! Have an amazing week you beautiful people <3 font="">

Outfit Details:

Sunglasses - Quay Australia x Desi Perkins High Key in Gold *LINK HERE*
Jacket - Boohoo *LINK HERE*
Jeans - Topshop Jamie Jeans
Belt - Stradivarious 
Bodysuit - Missy Empire *LINK HERE*
Shoes - Asos (bought last year)
Bag - Louis Vuitton Speedy 30

Pics taken by my fab friend Emma follow her on instagram @emmanoodle_ xo