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Tuesday, 27 February 2018

Top Tips for Visiting Lisbon!

Hello lovelies! I know every blog post I say home I'm finally back haha and I apologise for the lack of posts here but my fear of writing sometimes gets to me lol but more about that another time...

I got a few messages from people that were going to Lisbon this year and they said they would've like to see some of my recommendations on what to do, where to stay, places to eat etc so here we are! I was in Lisbon from the 12th of Feb to the 15th but unfortunately one of my sisters fell ill on our trip so we didn't get as much as we would've liked to! But we still managed as we were lucky enough to have accommodation in a really great area that was close to everything :) This post is going to be divided into different sections so I hope it helps any of you visiting soon or if you were considering taking a trip to Lisbon! As always if you have any questions feel free to leave me a comment, email or DM whichever you want and I will get straight back to you!<3 font="" nbsp="">


Being from Dublin we took a 6:30am flight to Lisbon with Ryanair which took just over two hours and we also got the flights for a super good deal (even on the midterm week!) a few months ago so definitely sign up to Ryanair's emails as they ALWAYS have sales on where you can grab yourself a fab trip for a fab price.

There is a metro station right at the airport in Lisbon which is super handy and it is also SUPER cheap to travel around the city with one of their travel cards but I'll go into that more in the next section. The metros are really frequent and we only had to make one changeover to get to our area of Lisbon we were staying in which was Chiado for anyone wondering. It's a gorgeous area with a fab little square filled with shops and cafes.

So if you're planning on getting around the city without spending a bomb on taxis (which is pointless because their transport is brill and 100 times better than Dublin lol) you NEED to get one of their travel cards called a 'Viva Viagem'. They are basically like a paper version of a leap card and you can use them on the metro, trams, buses and even the tram lifts up the massive hills (YAY). You can get one at the metro station at Lisbon airport or any metro station which is also where you can top them up so don't throw them out! 

The trams are the most common way of getting around the city and its  one of the things Lisbon is most famous for! But they are small and are almost always packed so just be prepared you may feel like you are in a tin of sardines lol. The most famous tram for getting around the city is the number 28 tram. It brings you all around the centre, the outskirts and as far as I know up to the castle! There was a lot of renovation on the trams going on while we were there and there was times where we had to get off and get bus transfers so just look uo before you go in case theres any disruptions to the trams. 

If you're feeling adventurous as well there are PLENTY of really cool rickshaws around the city that apparently can give you a little city tour for about €50 (we were told) but you may need to bargain with them lol. They did look super fun tho! And there is a lot of hills and cobble streets in Lisbon so don't be wearing your high heels walking around hunnies!


While I was away and when I came home I couldn't believe the amount of questions I got about where we were staying! As I said before, we stayed in a lovely area called Chiado, which was absolutely stunning and had everything you could want like shops, cafes, restaurants etc. The Airbnb we stayed in was fab and you can find the link to it HERE. It actually sleeps 8 people so its brill for a big group but there are TONNES of stunning apartments in the area of Chiado that also have gorge lil balconies looking out over the streets. Chiado also has its own metro station and tram and bus stops so its so easy to get around. The main shopping streets are about a 15 min walk away also. If anyone is thinking of booking our Airbnb or one very very near just be aware that there are a lot of small bars that can get quite noisy at night which we didn't mind at all but I know some people might! Our apartment was also up a huge flight of stairs that we struggled with everyday (we're not very fit lol) and there is no lift! 


Everyones favourite word haha...Lisbon is full of amazing food places and you could spend forever trying new ones out but here are a few places we went and recommendations that I have! If you are looking for some DELICIOUS pasties de natas aka the best things in life you need to visit Manteigaria which is basically a tiny pastry shop full of them! It was literally right beside our apartment and its one of the most famous places for the tarts in Lisbon and we could tell why! There was actually queues outside the door most of the time but it is so worth it!  

Two of the nights we stayed we visited a burger restaurant which was described as one of Lisbon's best kept secrets and OMG it is! It was underneath our apartment (literally) but we did'nt even realise it was there the first day we arrived haha. Its called A Cultura Do Hamburguer and it is amaziinggggg. They even do burgers with black burger buns which is so weird but trust me its amazing. They are also super cheap (literally €7 for a massive burger and chips with garlic mayo) and the staff are super nice! Deffo recommend!

As for food in general, we found that it was hard to find good genuine food places in the super busy shopping streets and most popular areas and you will be guaranteed to find the best restaurants down the little side streets. Also if you are a vegan or vegetarian we were shocked at how many amazing options there were all across the city which is amazing to see.

Almost everyone who visits Lisbon takes a trip to the Time Out Market which is basically a massive hall filled with little stalls of the best restaurants in Lisbon and you can get whatever you want from wherever and sit in the middle of the hall and eat it. Its a great way of trying lots of food that Lisbon has to offer under one roof but it does get very busy very easily so bear that in mind!

Places to Visit

As I said before, we didn't get to visit as many places we would have liked but I have a few recommendations that might help some people! If you're looking for good shopping there are a few fab places for gorge places to shop. There is a really nice and not huge shopping centre with a Sephora, Kiko, Mango etc called the Armazens Do Chiado which is also on a really popular shopping street that has tonnes of shops like Zara Home, H&M, Pull & Bear etc on it too so you are spoiled for choice. If you're interested in some more expensive shops there is a promenade I really wanted to visit but unfortunately didn't get time to called Avenida da Liberdade which has gorge shops like Louis Vuitton, Chanel and more and it is also super pretty and v instagrammable! 

There is SO much to explore around Lisbon and we did'nt even get to see half of it! Which is basically a good excuse just to go back haha but if you get the chance definitely try and make your way on the tram to the Castle for some amazing views. Also try and make your way down along the lake (i think its a lake anyway haha) as there's so many gorge cafes and restaraunts there and they even have really cool sunbeds you can use for free if you get some sunny weather :)

I hope this post helps you if you're heading to Lisbon soon or maybe it will inspire you to go! I would 100% recommend it as a holiday and it was definitely one of the most amazing cities I've been lucky enough to visit so far.

Thanks so much for reading!
Lots of love <3 font="">
Freya x